About me

With a visual sensibility developed since my childhood, I always wanted to work in the domain of images. Dreaming of being cartoonist, after mandatory school I go into art school, where I specialize in visual communication.

At the age of 14, I discover the Internet and fall in love with it, amazed by infinite possibilities for communication, share of information and exchanges between people ! Totally new for me, I try to make my first website, I learn by myself HTML and CSS and acquire over time skills of front-end developper, completing my creative skills.
Concerned to have a complete picture of this huge area, I’m interesting in all aspects of an Internet which is evolving perpetually : e-mailing, search engine optimization and advertising, analytics, e-commerce, social networks, mobile platforms…

Technical barriers lifted, I’m able to worry about what the web is made for : access to information for all. So I’m interesting in application of standards, world of open source, convinced of the important role of these areas for a web accessible to all people.
Bit by bit, web accessibility become obivous, I make Expert en Évaluation Accessiweb 2.1 certification and try day after day to contribute in building a quality web.